december 27, 2003

no updates. i just wanted to say that this site is currently on hiatus. i don't have the time to update it and i don't know when i will.... my apologies to those who have been waiting so long for something new

* * *

march 3, 2003

a quickly coloured sketch of sam, another of my characters from edge. i'm not sure if i'll add it to the gallery.. for now it's a temporary piece ^^;

and new to links: of angels

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february 18, 2003

received a cute valentine's day card ^^

also added cynical pink to the links section

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february 8, 2003

it's been a while, huh? ehehehe, sorry about that. today, it's just an update to the gallery. an original piece done for a friend.

also, i've added a new link: ever eyes

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november 5, 2002

2 new links (dreamworld studio and zombie promenade) and a birthday gift from shuuki. yes, i've finally hit the big 2-5 ^^

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october 5, 2002

some new links and added darren's collage to the gallery

i haven't drawn much lately. unfortunately school has to take priority ^^; but i decided i can at least showcase some sketches/scribbles .. since i don't have a section for it any longer these will be featured on this page and will only be temporary.

* * *

september 6, 2002

finally an update to my manga section!! :d the first 8 pages (including the cover) of act 1 of edge are up.

many many thanks to aoi-chan for some last minute checking and help with toning (and of course for her great support) ^___^

* * *

july 25, 2002

some changes!! a new layout and site name to go with the domain i got for myself ^_^

"illustrations" and "scrapbook" have been combined into the "gallery" section... some pictures got weeded out ^^;;

in terms of content, there's a new picture in the gallery. that's it for now.

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