[ gray = fan art, green = my original characters ]

solo works

ren (original) cenn and his guitar (original) kenshin x sanosuke (rurouni kenshin) ethan with a rose (your wings are mine) naruto as a jounin (naruto) ryuji looking out the window (your wings are mine) nightshroud (original) vash john-woo style :p (trigun) random original character naruto listening to music (naruto) korben with his guitar (next degree) rai-dei (trigun) cenn (original) screw live (your wings are mine) tomo .. or is it? (fushigi yuugi) vagrant story.. bit of a spoiler maybe aoshi (rurouni kenshin) ken and suoh (your wings are mine) omi age 26 (weiss kreuz) noa and cort in a field of flowers (legend of legaia) alucard and rose petals (castlevania: sotn) chandran (original) nightshroud with hood up (original) heroic legend of arslan tristan with a bouquet (original)

* * *

collaborations and gifts from others

valentine card [from cutter] adam from skin deep [from shuuki] darren's collage wallpaper 200k requires FLASH plug-in!!!! inu-kenshin [from shuuki] cenn x eridan [from aoi] cenn with a rose [from ming] echidna (the bouncer) ryuji [from aoi]

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